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Elevated Wellness and Life Essentials

More Life supports your wellness and personal care goals with unique offerings to compliment an active, healthy livestyle. We have a passion for longevity, and a united mission to enrich lives with personal care, wellness and life essentials.

Elevate your mobility with APOLLO Knee Massager

Crafted using a unique blend of heat, vibration, infrared, and laser light therapies, APOLLO knee massager is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking to alleviate knee pain and fast-track healing.

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Maximize your comfort and performance recovery with VivaPulse

Cold and hot therapy deliver a unique and effective experience to enhance your warm up before a workout, or relax your body for a good night of sleep.

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Redefine wellness for the modern lifestyle with VivaCup

Experience the future of recovery and self-care. VivaCup offers a holistic approach to wellness. Elevate your selfcare routine with the power of VivaCup.

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Skincare goes Pro with Clarity

Unlock your radiant skin with Clarity face brush, an all in one skin care tool featuring soft silicone bristles, hot and cold compress and red and blue light. Glowing skin starts here.

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